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透過我們的高膽固醇問卷踏上健康之旅。 膽固醇水平升高會對心血管健康造成嚴重風險,可能導致心臟病和中風。 完成此問卷,以獲得有關您的膽固醇狀況的寶貴見解,並採取下一步措施,以解鎖根據您的需求量身定制的個人化建議。

在開始評估之前,請注意,此問卷僅用於初步篩選目的。 它不能取代專業的醫療建議或診斷。 如果您對自己的健康或膽固醇水平有任何疑問,我們強烈建議您諮詢醫療保健專業人員進行全面評估。

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1. Are you Male or Female?
2. What is your age range?
3. Do you have a family history of heart disease?
4. Do you have a family history of stroke?
5. Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol in blood tests? (Total cholesterol > 250mg/dl or 8.5mmol/L)
6. Are you currently taking medications known to affect cholesterol levels? (e.g., statins, corticosteroids)
7. Have you experienced any chest pain or discomfort?
8. Have you noticed any difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath?
9. How often do you engage in exercise per week (at least 30 minutes)?
10. How often do you consume a portion of carbohydrates (noodles, rice, bread, or pasta) in a day?


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