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Terms of Service

Cancellation policy:

We understand that unexpected obligations or circumstances may require you to reschedule your appointment with us, if so please contact us during office hours on +852 6890 6041 or email: [email protected] at least 24 hrs before your scheduled appointment to avoid a 50% cancellation charge. Cancellations for Mondays appointment much be received by 12.30pm on the preceding Saturday. Cancellations or rescheduling with 3 hrs or a ‘no-show’ will incur 100% charge. 

Quality Assurance of Peak Metabolism Services:

All Peak metabolism’s practitioners Doctors or coaches have received specific training in Functional Medicine from one of the many providers in education, either from practitioner or coach level certification.

Patients Responsibility: 

It is the patients’ responsibility to ensure that the contact and health information that they provide to Peak Metabolism is accurate and up to date. Peak metabolism reserves the right to adjust or amend health information provided according to the true and accurate data which is presented by other healthcare professionals or family members. 

Payment Details:

Payment of peak metabolism’s service can be completed online or in clinic at our location in Causeway Bay. We accept credit card payments using mastercard or visa or PayMe HSBC or payment via cash in the clinic.

Returns and Shipping Policy:

If your supplement pack has been tampered with or the seal has been broken please contact us on [email protected] and we will resolve the issue swiftly. 


All information provided on the Peak metabolism website is copyright to Peak Metabolism ltd. 

Website disclaimer and 3rd party links:

Peak metabolism Ltd provides various 3rd party links through its website and blogs. These links are provided for education and information purposes only.  Any link you make to or from the 3rd Party Website will be at your own risk. Any use of the 3rd Party Website will be subject to and any information you provide will be governed by the terms of the 3rd Party Website, including those relating to confidentiality, data privacy and security.

Contact and feedback:

If you have questions, feedback, complaints or claims with respect to this Website, please contact Peak Metabolism at [email protected].

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