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Functional medicine practitioner: Our founder Miles Price




Functional Medicine Practitioner
Nutritional Therapy

On the Journey to setting up Peak Metabolism Miles experienced many life events to influence his thinking of health and wellbeing. A pivotal moment in Miles’s experience of healthcare, was seeing how conventional medicine had let down a member of his family, suffering from cancer, and that the limitations of conventional medicine, all hailed as the offering the best of ‘patient care’, had its failings and shortcomings which weren’t ever questioned.

Miles started on his health education journey combining clinical nutrition and Functional medicine expertise. He worked in clinical practice across 3 different clinics over 12 years. He gained a vast experience of working with hundreds of patients with hormonal, cardio-metabolic, gut and immuno-compromised conditions.

Miles developed peak metabolism as a model of change for people unhealthy lifestyles. He realised that poor lifestyle choices are the primary drivers of nearly all chronic diseases today, like diabetes, Cardio-vascular diseases and strokes. The best method to reach a larger audience is by group and online coaching sessions. 

  • 2009
    M.Sc in Holistic nutrition Hawthorn University USA
  • 2014
    PG Dip Functional Medicine University USA
  • 2017
    Started training with the Institute of Functional medicine , USA
  • 2021
    Certified Functional medicine Practitioner Institute of Functional medicine.

Accreditations & Affiliations

Peak Metabolism is Asia’s first certified clinic in Functional medicine with the Institute of Functional medicine and Functional medicine University

Functional medicine finds the answers to your health problems, clinically, and provides personalised treatment plans which are effective.

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Our Team

Cavan Chan Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Certified Sleep Science Coach.

Cavan Chan

Functional Medicine Certified
Health Coach. Certified Sleep Science Coach.

Charmaine So Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Certified Biotherapist

Charmaine So

Functional Medicine Certified
Health Coach. Certified Biotherapist.

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