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About Us

Peak Metabolism is a medical coaching and consulting platform designed to help people with metabolic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension manage and even reverse their conditions through customized lifestyle coaching programs and clinical monitoring.

Peak Metabolism was started by its founder Miles Price, a Functional Medicine Practitioner based in Hong Kong. Miles is joined by two functional medicine coaches and a physician to compliment the range of services to patients.

Peak Metabolism helps people by addressing the causes of their metabolic diseases. Whether you have diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, fatty liver, PCOS, obesity, we know that 80% of all chronic diseases are caused by poor lifestyle choices. By fixing your lifestyle to being healthier and more optimal we can actually reverse some, if not all of the symptoms of disease.

Our vision is provide a large team of certified functional medicine coaches supporting over 100,000+ patients with metabolic diseases across the Asia region. This will require establishing satellite coaching centres across major cities in Asia.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a new discipline in healthcare developed around 20 years ago in the USA. Its focus is to establish the root causes of diseases in people, and to fix those root causes naturally and safely using the appropriate assessments, lifestyle changes and supplemental, therapeutic interventions. The primary teaching and education platform of functional medicine is the Institute of Functional Medicine in the USA. www.ifm.org.

The functional medicine approach requires an in-depth review of a patients history, evaluating all aspects of family history, lifestyle and current symptoms. Then the Dr/ practitioner makes suggestions for laboratory testing or treatment depending on the condition. Follow up sessions will include changes to lifestyle, supplement, medication, according to patients needs together with an assignment to a coach to monitor progress in lifestyle change.

Any patient who is on current medication will be referred back to their prescribing doctor for making any changes to their regime. Peak Metabolisms’ doctors will prescribe medications if need be according to patients requirements.

Functional Medicine is about treating the root causes of diseases and symptoms by focusing on the imbalances in the body and correcting those imbalances using natural means. All functional medicine interventions are proven through science-backed peer reviewed studies. Conventional medicine is about management of diseases and suppression of symptoms, using pharmaceutical interventions which often come with side effects. There’s a place for both practices of medicine.

Packages & Support

An initial consultation is important because it determines the status and readiness of the patient to enter into one of Peak Metabolism’s coaching programs. Not all patients are suitable for our coaching programs because they may have conditions which are too chronic to be supported. So we need to carefully screen each patient. We also customize the coaching program based upon the initial consultation, some patients may require additional foods or supplements accordingly.

The initial consultation cost is $1500 HKD, thereafter the costs of the coaching programs range from $2500 / month for 1 month, $2200 per month for 3 months, and $2000 per month for 6 months. Supplement, glucometer and lab testing costs are additional and customized to each patients requirements.

Yes we can. We can conduct all of our consultations and coaching sessions via zoom, skype, wechat or other platform accordingly. We can make recommendations for ordering lab tests and supplements locally where the patients are based.

Yes, you will need to inform your doctor that you’re following a lifestyle program of changing your diet, supplement, exercise and sleep routines. This may require a reduction in your medications as you move forward into the coaching program. Peak metabolism physician services areon hand to assist if required.

Once you’ve purchase your coaching session the coaches will follow-upwith you directly to schedule the booking for coaching sessions. This will be between 9-6pm weekdays and they will be contactable during these times for any issues you may have following your lifestyle plan. The coaches are there to help and assist you.

Yes, all medical and patient information is held confidentially in secure locations and cloud based servers. All our software and coaching platforms use data encryption so that all information shared is confidential. If you require additional information about patient confidentiality please email us directly at [email protected] and we can share more about our privacy policy.

You can contact your coach as often as you wish. He/She is there to assist you with any issues you mayhave with your new lifestyle adoption. Respectfully, coaches are not contactable outside of work-life hours. So after 6pm, or before 8am, they are not contactable. If there is an emergency outside of these hours then we recommend you contact your local GPor your local A&E dept at your local hospital.

Once you have signed up for our coaching program, you are committed for that length of time you have paid for. Your commitment to lifestyle change and our commitment to helping you is what will make this life changing for you. However, we do understand under exceptional circumstances cancellation or postponement of coaching programs needs to be undertaken. Therefore if due sudden illness, personally or with a family member, or other sudden changes in circumstances at home or work, peak metabolism will consider cancellation of coaching services. We recommend you contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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