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Fill out the online {Appointment} form, pay and book an online or face-to-face consultation session.


Our expert practitioners will review your past health history, lifestyle data, medical reports etc. and understand the health concerns you have.

Consultation Review

Our practitioners will suggest one of our life changing programs, starter, rejuvenation or transformation packages, and additional testing if needed, to help you along your journey to better health. 

New Life Begins

Be expected to see and feel changes and start your new health journey.

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Initial Consultation Today

$1500 HKD (60 MINUTES)
  • An initial assessment conducted by one of our functional medicine doctors or practitioners.
  • Review full-health history, current symptoms, lifestyle practices,
    medication and laboratory reports.
  • Managing and even reversing chronic diseases takes special expertise and guidance, we
    need to ensure medically you’re in a safe position to do so.

Life Changing Programs

You’ve done the initial consultation with our functional medicine practitioner/ doctor, you have an outline plan for you to follow. Now comes the exciting part, putting it into practice. Like any new experience or venture, you need guidance, you need that little reminder or encouragement that you’re doing the right thing.

Our certified functional medicine coaches will be there all the way, to ensure all aspects of your lifestyle are spot on, ensuring that your diet, sleep, exercise, supplement regime is finely tuned for you.

  • Designed to test to water, get to know each other and to start you on your way.
  • Your coach will be there to create the best diet plan for you and guide you through it, together with an exercise and supplement regime targeted specifically for your needs. Your sleep, stress and relationships will also be optimized and supported.
  • For more information to see if you are suitable for this great package click here.
  • Best suited for those with long term chronic conditions who need special guidance on reforming bad habits, starting life-changing new ones and see their health improve surely but gradually.
  • Our coaches will guide you on all your lifestyle habits including your diet, sleep, exercise, stress, and supplement regime. We’ll also work with your doctor to manage your medications if need be. This is where change really happens.
  • Click here to see if this Rejuvenation Package can transform your life.
  • Perfect for those who struggle with changing their lifestyle and have chronic long-term issues affecting their health.
  • This targets at deep rooted bad habits which can take time to break and form new ones, this is more a psychological barrier, which our coaches are specially trained to help with. They will guide you every step of the way in all areas of your health, taking baby steps where need, to ensure long lasting change and recovery.
  • For more information to see if a Transformation Package is suitable for you click here.

Motivation for change can be best achieved by working with a partner, a best friend or family member.

  • Best designed for 2 people who can work together as a team, this package aims at achieving your health goals. Our coach will guide you on group sessions coordinated to your schedules, whereby you can monitor and support each other where needed. This is best suited for groups with similar health issues and similar expectations and goals.
  • For more information about if a group sessions is suitable for you click here.
Please inquire here for more information.


How’s your metabolism? Get tested and find out, with either our core or comprehensive packages. (For Hong Kong residents only).
For international inquiries, check-in with us and we can advise what best panel tests to ask your local doctor to check for.

  • Check your lipids (cholesterol) and your glucose metabolism.
  • Get the functional medicine view on whether you are optimal or in the danger zone. Understand the optimal range of all markers relating to glucose control, insulin, hba1c, and glucose.
  • The master controller of your metabolism. Insulin needs to be a good zone. Cardiovascular risk can be evaluated by your ApoA1 and ApoB scores and ratio.
  • Blood pressure assessment check
  • 10hr Fasting test Mon. to Sat.

Core Test +
1 Follow Up Consultation

$3,750 HKD
  • A great overview of many of the risk factors for metabolic health
  • Assess your glucose and fat/cholesterol metabolism, we go deeper understanding your inflammatory status across a variety of markers using homocysteine, CRP and ferritin.
  • Assess your liver and kidney function for early signs of disease. The thyroid is assessed, as it influences your cholesterol metabolism management is key.
  • Check your vitamin D3, its protective against inflammation and heart disease
  • Check your fibrinogen lipo(a), key markers in heart disease development
  • Blood pressure assessment check
  • 10hr Fasting test Mon. to Sat.

Comprehensive Test +
1 Follow Up Consultation

$9,280 HKD
  • All the testing in our metabolic package plus CBC (complete blood count), B9 B12 status
  • Range of cancer markers beta HCG, AFP, PSA + Free PSA (male) CA 125 (female)
  • Chest X ray and ECG (heart)
  • 10hr Fasting test Mon. to Sat.
  • Contact us for under 40 package price.

Package + 1 Follow Up Consultation
For Age Over 40 Male

$12,500 HKD

Package + 1 Follow Up Consultation
For Age Over 40 Female

$12,100 HKD

Not Sure About Which Testing
Package To Take? Book A Free
15-Minute Consultation To
Discuss Your Needs

What patients get on Peak Metabolism Treatment

Dedicated Health Coach

Advice on all lifestyle
matters, diet, sleep,
exercise and stress.

Continuous medical supervision

Functional medicine lead care
team monitoring biomarkers.

Customized Plan

Coaches will customise the
food plans, exercise
routines and optimise sleep.

Expert care you can
call on, anytime

Team of coaches, Drs
and practitioners to
guide you all the way.

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