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About Peak Metabolism

Our bodies are miraculous in millions of different ways. But to function, perform and thrive, they need the magic mix of the right ingredients to feel great, with an abundance of energy and vitality.

In today’s world, we’re up against some steep challenges: sedentary lifestyles, processed foods, high-stress environments… the list goes on. As a result, metabolic disorders are on the rise. Instead of looking at the lifestyle changes we can make, we rely, a little too often, on medication to address health issues. Herein lies the problem.

Peak Metabolism could help Diabetes prevalence

Diabetes prevalence

It is estimated more than 800,000 diabetic patients in Hong Kong, additionally there’s approximately 2 million people with insulin resistance or prediabetes. If insulin resistance goes unchecked, it will develop into diabetes within a few years.

Peak Metabolism: Heart disease prevalence

Heart disease prevalence

One in every five deaths are related to heart disease in Hong Kong and roughly 800,000 people will develop heart disease in the next 10 years. China has the highest number of cardiovascular heart disease rates in the world and its rate is increasing.

Peak Metabolism: Hypertension prevalence

Hypertension prevalence

Up to a third of people over age of 15 have high blood pressure in Hong Kong. It increases with age, with 65% of people over the age of 65 having hypertension. It is a major risk factor for strokes and heart disease. Up to 50% of people go undiagnosed of their hypertension increasing the risk of chronic disease development later in life.

Peak Metabolism pioneering

Enter Peak Metabolism. We’re Pioneering A New
Approach To Reach The Pinnacle Of Metabolic Health.

There’s No Quick Fix When It Comes To True Health. Good Things Take Time.

  • Our approach encompasses more than just the analysis of traditional metabolic markers.
  • We assess additional factors that can also greatly influence your metabolic health, such as stress, hormones, toxicity and nutrient statuses.
  • We empower you to make informed choices and adopt positive lifestyle habits.

A lack of access to information, advice and guidance shouldn’t be a barrier to success. Developing a curiosity about your body, how to optimise it gently but surely will pay dividends in the long term.

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We have designed our scope of services to work online and remotely.

Wherever you are, you can receive tailored plans and one-on-one Peak Metabolism coaching. Our programs integrate seamlessly into your life, so you can make positive changes for good.

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$1500 HKD (60 MINUTES)
  • An initial assessment conducted by one of our functional medicine doctors or practitioners.
  • Review full-health history, current symptoms, lifestyle practices, medication and laboratory reports.
  • You’ll receive a customised diet and supplement plan, and depending on your condition we’ll optimise your hormones, improve your gut function, detox your body gently and give you specific life hacks to play with to feel great.

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