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Here Is A Guide To Heart Diseases And Your Treatment

What Is Heart Disease?

Heart Disease is a progressive inflammatory driven process in which the arteries surrounding the heart, the coronary arteries, become blocked by atherosclerotic plaque which over time can develop into myocardial infarction (heart attack). There are other types of heart disease including heart arrythmias, heart failure, aortic stenosis. For peak metabolism inquiries we support patients with Coronary heart disease, arrythmias and heart failure.


Chest Pain
Heart Palpitations
Arm /Jaw / Back Pain
Swollen Ankles

If you have any of these symptoms we recommend you get evaluated by a medical doctor to confirm diagnosis.

What Are The Causes Of Heart Disease?

Cardiovascular disease is a process, reflecting a multitude of factors which contribute to its development and progression. What is it not caused by is high cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. Even the researcher who blamed cholesterol initially amended his opinion to say “The evidence – both from experiments and from field surveys – indicates that cholesterol content, per se, of all natural diets has no significant effect on either the cholesterol level or the development of atherosclerosis in man” Ancel Keys 1956.

Arterial plaques are remnants of micro-blood clots which have built up over time, and they’re made up of fibrin, platelets, macrophages, red blood cells, lipo(a) and cholesterol crystals (coming from red blood cells, not LDL). Repeated thrombus (clot) formation causes plaque growth. This research was identified 40 years ago, but was never discussed amongst medical researchers. Dr Malcolm Kendrick in his recent publication the Clot Thickens presents all the research.

The causes of heart disease | Peak Metabolism Hong Kong

The protocol for identifying the causes is to conduct a deep dive into the health history, past medical tests and suggestions for further evaluations. This will customize the treatment protocol for the patient. A plaque will develop if:

  • There is an increased rate of endothelial damage
  • The new blood clot is bigger and more difficult to break down.
  • The endothelial repair systems are impaired in some way.

Its All About The Glycocalyx And Endothelial Function

As a result of these multitude of causes, the glycocalyx and endothelial lining on the surface of arteries are damaged and microclots begin to form. Unless stopped and repaired, repeated damage occurs at the site of injury and atherosclerosis begins.

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How Is Heart Disease Treated Conventionally?

Conventional treatment for heart disease involves the use of medications and surgery. Medications include a list of the following; Cholesterol lowering statins, anti-coagulants, ACE inhibitors (lowering blood pressure), beta-blockers (managing heart rhythms) calcium channel blockers, diruetics, digitalis drugs.

Surgeries typically involve heart by pass operations, where an alternative channel of blood flow is added to the heart when an artery is blocked. Stents are utilized in all angioplasty surgeries, whereby an expandable mesh coil, is inserted into a narrowed artery, to stop the artery from narrowing or closing.

The procedures and applications of medications are life-saving and essential for correcting acute and chronic heart disease.

A Guide to Heart Disease | Hong Kong Functional Medicine doctors

Heart Disease Reversal Vs Heart Disease Management

The objective of all heart disease patients is to get better, feel happier and healthier. The question is would patients like their disease ‘managed’ with medications which stabilizes their condition, with risks associated with further progression, or would patients like to reverse their condition.

Stabilizing heart disease is the mainstay of conventional medicine. However, without addressing the root causes, disease progression is always the risk, with further surgeries and increasing medications being applied later down the track, with all the complications which goes with it. With a functional medicine approach we know what causes heart disease, so therefore, logically if we address the causes, directly and remove or rebalance them, the cardiovascular system will repair itself and get better. The key is to know each of the causes for each and very patient.

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Chris P.
Male Age: 49 Issue:Overweight, Tired, High cholesterol

I have really appreciated the high quality of advice & treatment I received from Miles over the last 12 months. I wanted to talk with you about how to manage my cholesterol levels in particular, but also about my general health and diet.

After an initial series of comprehensive tests, Miles explained in depth what we were trying to achieve and recommended a few diet changes and prescribed some supplements, all with the goal of managing my cholesterol levels, and do a follow up test.

After 4 months the follow up blood test showed my levels were all back to normal/healthy which was fantastic so thank you so much miles. I very much appreciated the high quality of your advice and the solution you came up with.

Agnes C.
Female Age: 62 Issue:Eczema, GERD, Brain fog

I’ve been going to Miles for almost six years now for evaluation and treatment of Type II Diabetes, hypertension, chronic fatique syndrome, GERD, nutritional imbalance and brain fog. He has been of great help! My blood sugars and haemoglobin A1C are improved, blood pressure has been lowered, I am feeling more energetic, burping less, less confused with better focus, and I am able to put thoughts into words and retrieve my memories. I’m truly grateful.

Stephan L.
Female Age: 48 Issue:Overweight, Low energy

Being a workaholic and neglecting my nutrition and fitness, I went to Miles to change my lifestyle and get healthy. He literally put me on track starting with a full check-up to tell me what my health status was, my risks, and what I could do to reach my goals. To my surprise I was pre-diabetic! So with a new approach, he suggested a ketogenic diet some supplements, and a fitness routine I was able to lose 20kgs and reduce my insulin and improve my energy.

Margie C.
Female Age: 59 Issue:Cancer, Pain

After an operation in 2019, I was under Miles’ care. At that time, the root cause for my condition was still unknown. Miles was determined to find it out. A toxicity test revealed everything. The toxin level of many kinds of chemicals were off the chart. Further test revealed that I lacked the DNA to detox. I was given various kinds of supplements which helped with my recovery and energy. I was thoroughly impressed by Mile’s expertise and knowledge. He wasted no time in getting to the point in explaining which was reassuring for me. In addition, I feel empowered by his attitude towards teaching me about the body.

Julianna C.
Female Age: 92 Issue:Diabetes, Brain fog, Low energy

I am turning 92 years of age next month! Bravo to no cane, no spectacles, no feeding tube, I enjoy eating healthy food, walking under the sun, playing my Mah-jong game! I do not need to take blood glucose medication anymore, I am able to reduce my medication dosage for cholesterol and blood pressure, and amazingly my MMSE (cognitive function test) score is up! From from 20 to now 26. See how wonderful Miles you are dealing a senior like me, haha. You should be proud of yourself of how I turn out to be.

Alicia T.
Female Age: 45 Issue:Always getting sick, Tiredness

Having been easy to come down with colds, sore throats and sinusitises, especially after childbirth, Miles helped me reboot my immunity, and I haven’t had any of the common ailments in the past 3 years since. It jumpstarted my health to find the strength and vitality I needed to kick-start an exercise program which has given me more confidence about my body, thanks Miles.

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